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Seasons Greetings / Happy Holidays

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It is the most wonderful time of the year to reach out to members, past members and potential members to remind them about your amazing Toastmasters Club.

A few tips to help your outreach campaign:

  • Avoid highlighting one specific holiday if you can; many clubs are very diverse and some members may not celebrate Christmas so be inclusive with your messages
  • Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays work well in many situations
  • Notice any big holiday dates that may affect your members; check in with them to see if your club should consider skipping that one meeting
  • Be sure to keep the Toastmasters colours and brands and just add in an ornament or snowman to your post so you do not lose the huge advantage of branding
  • Members might have more time during the holidays and may take time to like, comment or share your social media posts so it is worth doing posts during the holiday season
  • Meetup / Eventbrite – add a message to any ongoing invites to ensure that potential members do not attend on a day when there is no meeting.  Be sure to include the date of the next meeting.

12 ideas for some posts / messages during the holidays:

  • Celebrate the end of the year — Congratulations to all of our members who completed a level so far this year. (put in the names if you can).  Celebrating some people can be the encouragement that others need in order to do their next speech
  • Downtime? Take the time to write your next speech.  We would love you to do a speech in the 1st week or 2 of the new year. (start to encourage people to do their next speech)
  • Seasons Greetings from _ Toastmasters Club! 
  • Happy New Year from _ Toastmasters Club!
  • Toastmaster new year’s resolution – consider having a new year’s resolution to deliver one speech a month in 2024
  • Thank you to our _ Toastmaster Club’s executive officers for their time and efforts for the first 6 months of the year (name them and sometimes it will link your post to them directly)
  • Happy Holidays – join our Toastmasters for our holiday party on Dec __ and learn how to do toasts (do a mini-workshop on delivering a toast for the holidays)
  • Our _ Toastmaster Club is off for a few weeks so our members can work on their next speeches.  See you again in the new year! Happy Holidays!
  • What is your favourite holiday tradition?  Would they be a good speech topic? (speeches educating us about holidays are wonderful.  We do avoid saying that one holiday is better than another one)
  • Thank you to our guests – since July 1, 2023 we have had _ guests.  We hope to have even more guests in the new year.
  • Winter is here – no excuses our club meets online (or our club hosts hybrid meetings) so no reason to miss a meeting due to snow and ice.
  • What was your favourite speech to deliver this year? Please enter it in the chat. Time to start thinking of your next one for the new year.

Created by Cheryl Rankin, Public Relations Manager, District 86 2023-2024, Meadowvale Toastmasters