Toastmasters International Convention 2023 – Nassau, Bahamas August 12-20 

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In the sagacious words of Maryam Ganni, 3rd place World Champion, “You have NO idea!” 

Or maybe you do! 

What a week! If you were there, I’m sure you felt the Bahamian magic!

If you weren’t on site, let me see if I can help you feel it.

I travelled from Toronto to Nassau with D86 PQD DTM Anne Dockeray. Thank you Anne!  

Sunday, we landed on New Providence island at the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA)) located in the national capital city of Nassau. 

Anne was off and running. I followed precariously, leaning heavily on my cane. 

Baha Mar was the name of our home for the next 7 days. Our room was in Grand Hyatt East. The room was comfy with a wide sliding door to the bathroom, the free-standing soaking tub predominately visible. It was definitely an opening with a Bang! 

Café Madeleine is where we had our first dinner. During the rest of the week, we would frequent the café for coffee and yummy pastries. 

Our room looked out over the Baha Mar Show Fountains and every night the view was spectacular. It was truly a sight to admire. 

For the next two days. PQD Anne was training at the Convention Centre, located mere steps from Café Madeleine. She was networking! 

I on the other hand, spent my time, networking by frequenting the Manor Bar, and The Library, both located in the Rosewood Hotel adjacent to Grand Hyatt. The Chardonnay was cold and perfect. At 40$ American a glass, it was definitely was worth every sip. 

The beach and the pools were also relaxing stopping spots for me during these two training days. 

It was the third day, we I realized the resort was cashless, and service was included. Was the tip? Depended who you asked. 

Our favourite meal was at Marcus at Baha Mar. Starter: Conch Croquettes 
Anne: Spaghetti Piccadilly, Crab and Lobster Ragu, Shellfish Butter and Calabrian Chili.
I had Coconut Seafood Boil, spicy Lobster, Shrimp, Mussels, Coconut Tom Yum and Toasted Sourdough. Incredibly scrumptious? We thought so! 

Opening Ceremony was dazzling! The Parade of Flags created another memorable evening for me. Some years ago I had attended an International Convention in Toronto. 

The Parade of Flags is still a vivid memory. This year 2023 was no different. Spectacular! 

The highlight for the next few days was of course the World Championship of Public Speaking. I certainly have great respect for all of the judges. The speaker lineup required these judges to intensely exercise their skills on what constituted a World Champion of Public Speaking. 

The educational session with Simmone Bowe on Leadership and Conflict Resolution instructed leaders on how to foster collaboration, cooperation, inclusion and support. Simmone was an enjoyable and informative presenter. 

The second educational session I attended, No Joke, presenter Don Colliver gave us a crash course in mastering the practical techniques needed for being in the moment or as he called it Clown Presence. Both Anne and I purchased signed copies of his book Wink.  

The President’s Celebration, Saturday evening had dinner guests mesmerized by the flair of Bohemian colourful dancers and talented musicians. It spiced up the evening. A totally enjoyable and memorable week. 

Thanks TI and PQD Anne! 

I sincerely hope you felt the magic. I hope I brought you some too!

Next year 100 years of Toastmasters will be celebrated in Anaheim California! 

Will you discover the magic?

Created by Teresa Carolan Mentorship Co-Chair, Top Drawer Toastmasters

PS One more magical moment. I met my World Class Coaching and VPPR for Personal Growth Leaders Advanced Toastmasters, Kathy Draper
We met in the postage stamp and we connected at the Convention 

PSS DTM Fathimath Afiya, author of 100 Habits, and my other accountability partner and VPM  of Personal Growth Leaders sent us her book via DTM CP Lau who attended the convention from Malaysia. 

It’s truly a small world after all!