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Toastmasters is My Oyster; A District Director’s Reflection

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I joined Toastmasters because I’m an introvert. I’m one of those people who always felt on the outside looking in. In my club, I found a supportive community where I felt accepted and valued – just for showing up! My plan was to do 10 speeches in 12 months, then move on to my next endeavour. But I stayed because of the transferable skills I found and applied at my workplace, skills that I could directly attribute to Toastmasters.

Being a person that needs a goal to stay committed, I became the club’s secretary. This was my personal guarantee to myself to attend every club meeting. From there, I took on other club officer roles, and Area Director roles. Organizing Area, and Division events, joining club sub-committees and District Committees continued my learning. Being a social media coordinator for the PRM’s team, led me on the District Leadership path, starting with District Public Relations Manager and this year, as your District Director. Toastmasters added to my skill sets because I took advantage of the opportunities.

As District Director, I am learning and applying strategic thinking and planning skills, and leading a large organization. It’s interesting and educational! If I were to go back in time as a new member, I never would have guessed the people I would meet and the skills learned in my Toastmasters journey.

If you haven’t taking on a leadership position outside of your club, I encourage you to look at the District’s leadership roles. We have many committees that offer exciting learning opportunities. No experience needed! Area and Directors also have assistant director or secretary positions. Reach out to your Area or Division Director, or the Public Relations Manager, Club Growth Director, or Program Quality Director for openings. All welcome!

The Toastmasters world is my oyster. A fresh oyster can be hard to open, but once opened, it’s good. And it may have a pearl in it – in the form of gained skills and confidence.

I love my Toastmasters learning journey because of the skills and confidence I’ve gained, and the many friendships I’ve made. I look forward to continuing my learning journey for a long, long time to come.

How did your toastmaster journey begin? Where has it taken you? Where will it lead you next? I’d like to know; drop me a line!

Created by Nancy Movrin DTM District Director 2023 – 2024