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Unprecedented Success – Milton Toastmasters’ Journey in 2022-2023

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The 41st year of Milton Toastmasters witnessed extraordinary achievements, surpassing all previous milestones. In addition to achieving the prestigious President’s Distinguished Club status within a remarkable five months, we were honored with notable awards, became the largest club in District 86, and witnessed our members’ outstanding accomplishments.

Notable Achievements:

  1. Winner of the 1st District 86 ACE (Accelerate Club Excellence) of the Year Award: This recognition exemplifies our commitment to excellence and growth within District 86.
  2. Tony Bratschitsch Club of the Year Award: We proudly received this esteemed award, underscoring our dedication to providing an exceptional Toastmasters experience.
  3. Largest Club in District 86: Our commitment to attracting and nurturing members has made us the largest club in the district, a testament to our vibrant and inclusive community.

In addition to our remarkable achievements, we organized various enjoyable events, including summer and Christmas parties, celebrating our 41st anniversary, and leading proclamations for Toastmasters months in Milton. Notably, we held a memorable flag-raising ceremony at the Milton Town Hall.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our club members whose dedication and contributions have been instrumental in our success. Special recognition is deserved by our strong and skilled executive teams of 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, led by Muhammad Latif, Louis Li, Michael Richter, Shreenidhi Anantharam, Kristian Stephens, Richard Lewis, Betty Nisbet, Chris Campoverde, George Reppas, Lou Mulligan, David Broadbent & Beryl Broadbent. Additionally, we recognize the invaluable contributions of Joyce Scott, Gail Inglis, Alan Lahue, Karen Pantaleo, Hidayat Husain and Sebastian Acosta who played significant roles in our journey.

We express our deepest gratitude to our District, District Director Deridor Collier, Past District Director Myrna Barthe, Nancy Morvin (District Quality Director), and Cheryl Rankin (Division C Director), for recognizing Milton Toastmasters as the Club of the Year. Their unwavering support and guidance have been pivotal to our continuous growth and achievements.

The year 2022-2023 will be forever etched in the history of Milton Toastmasters as a period of unprecedented triumphs, engaging activities, and remarkable growth. We firmly believe that consistent excellence is not merely a destination but an ongoing journey. As we look forward to the future, we remain committed to empowering our members, fostering a nurturing environment, and embracing new challenges. Together, we will continue to provide opportunities for personal and professional development within our esteemed Toastmasters community.

Created by Muhammad Latif, Milton Toastmasters