Using Twitter to Promote the Club

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They already started without you…

Consumers are in the driver’s seat and Twitter can help with your PR efforts.

How the public consumes content is constantly changing. One thing is clear – consumers are in the driver’s seat, reading and responding to content whenever and wherever they want.

Our challenge is to find new ways to capture their attention. Twitter can help – it is still one of the top social media platforms worldwide, and easily viewed from a mobile device.

Why Twitter?

Twitter enables users to send short 280-character messages called tweets. Think of tweets as newspaper headlines being shared by one user to multiple consumers simultaneously.

According to recent social media industry figures (, Twitter currently ranks as one of the leading social networks worldwide based on active users. As of the fourth quarter of 2020, Twitter had 192 million daily active users.

The fact that Twitter is still ranked high showcases that the app remains popular, and one that you should be paying attention as part of your membership building marketing strategy.

The best part? Twitter is free business promotion. You can develop awareness of your club by building a strong organic following.

If your club is already on Twitter, here are some Twitter tips:

  • Limit to 1-2 hashtags per tweet. If a guest is looking for Toastmasters, they will search #Toastmasters; a strong recommendation is to use #Toastmasters as one of your hashtags.
  • Be conversational. One tweet can easily gain traction in one day, as people read, comment, like and retweet.
  • Keep every tweet focused on one specific message and keep your message short.
  • Always use an image. Tweets with images receive far more view than just text. Toastmasters related images are found at Videos rate even higher attention. For Toastmasters videos, go to
  • Test, test, test; if using a desktop or laptop, check your tweet on your mobile device to ensure readability. View your analytics regularly to see what is working.
  • Have a clear call-to-action. Every time you tweet, ask yourself “what do I want people to do when they see this?”. Ask your audience to comment below, to follow you, to go to your website, or to DM (direct message) you for meeting information. A DM is a private message sent to you by a Twitter user. Don’t be shy; always make the next step clear.

If your club is not on Twitter:

  • Sign up for an account at
  • Be sure to follow the instructions “How to sign up for a Twitter account”.
  • Additional instructions include:
    • “How to sign up for a Twitter account with Google”
    • “How to sign up for a Twitter account with Apple”
    • “How to set up your Twitter account”

Twitter is a free and easy social media platform to incorporate into your public relations strategy.
Have your had success with Twitter, or the other social media platforms? Tell us about it! Write a blog post and share your success!

Created by Nancy Movrin, Public Relations Manager 2021-2022