The Communication and Leadership Award is now open for nominees

Honour a businessperson, community leader, local politician, or media person with this award!

The Communication and Leadership (C&L) Award is presented by District 86 to recognize a non-Toastmaster in the community who is an outstanding communicator or leader.

Call for nominations starts now!

Deadline to submit nominations is March 31, 2023.

A recipient will be announced at the annual Spring conference April 21 – 23, 2023.

Awards Criteria

The contribution may be recognized during the past year or over a number of years.

  • Must be a resident of the geographical area covered by District 86
  • Must be a non-Toastmaster, can be a former Toastmaster;
  • Should have distinguished himself/herself as a leader or spokesperson for a worthy cause or purpose, especially as it exemplified their communication and leadership skills;
  • Made a significant contribution to the communities within the District. The impact of this contribution must not be limited to one organization, but must be community or district wide.
  • Should support Toastmasters organization.
  • Must be able to personally accept the award and give an acceptance address at the District 86 Spring Conference; and,
  • Must be a skilled communicator/speaker.

This award may not be presented to a recipient a second time.

A person who has become a public official, a business leader, an academic leader, or who is successful in other fields of endeavour would be an excellent nominee.

The Nominations Committee will consider all submissions; however, the award will not be presented unless the committee agrees the nominee meets all the standards for this award.


Contact the District Public Relations Manager, Matthew Ogbulafor, DTM at

C and L Award Application

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Past C and L Award Winners

Spring 2022
Michelle Baldwin
Spring 2020
Anna Silgardo
Spring 2018
Wali Shah
Fall 2016
Elaine Barnes
Spring 2016
Jonathan Hood
Fall 2015
Julie Christiansen
Spring 2015
Brennan Wong
Fall 2014
Chris Moss
Spring 2014
Michael Lethby
Fall 2012
Dave Sopha
Spring 2012
Reza Moridi
Fall 2011
Jane Roy and Glen Pearson
Spring 2011
Glenn Marais
Fall 2010
Betty-Lou Souter
Spring 2010
Surita Dey
Fall 2009
Annabel Slaight
Spring 2009
Joyce Savoline