Area Director Application Forms

A district leader has one of the most important leadership roles within Toastmasters International. The success of the district, its clubs and the members within each club depends on how well the district leaders execute the responsibilities of their office.

As Area Director, you serve as the direct liaison between the District and the clubs. The District Administrative Bylaws provide for the selection of Area Directors either by appointment by the District Director or by election by the Area Councils. Toastmasters International recommends that District Directors appoint Area Directors. Area Directors conduct club visits twice a year within their respective areas to understand and support club needs. In turn, these visits help District leaders understand how to support and meet the needs of each club. It is important that Area Directors have the support they need to serve clubs. The success of the District depends on it. Area Directors are eligible for re-election or re-appointment for one succeeding term only. Ideally, Area Directors have served as members of a District Council.

For more information about this role, refer to the District Leadership Handbook and the District Administrative Bylaws, Article VII: Officers in the Governing Documents.

Area Director Application Forms

Please submit all the following forms to the District Director,

  1. Candidate Application Form 
  2. District Leader Nominating Form
  3. Officer Agreement and Release Form 
  4. District Leader Biographical Information 
  5. Headshot image (JPG, 225 x 150 pixels)