D86 First District Marketing Expo 2018

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We had a great day September 29th at the District’s first Marketing Expo 2018. We learned so much about marketing tools. District 86 also celebrated of the year awards.
Read more about the winners at Of The Year Awards.

Marketing Expo Testimonials

The Inaugural Marketing Expo was indeed a breath of fresh air. It was an opportunity for our leaders at Club, Area, Division and District level to come together to experience and learn about the district’s critical goals for success as a team.

It afforded everyone the privilege to interact, network , and hear the same message in a general session atmosphere.

The two fold marketing Expo taught the Directors how to market Toastmasters to gain visibility in their divisions. It also offered training on how all the critical components of the toastmasters program, membership building & retention work together to create a successful, quality club. I have no doubt that the learnings from this event will certainly position us for a bigger and improved Expo in the upcoming year. I encourage everyone to go out and support the Divisions Expo from October – November 2018.

Thank you everyone for being a part of the First District Marketing Expo.

Jacklyn A. Payne DTM
Program Quality Director 2018-2019
District 86 Toastmasters International