Spring Conference 2023 Author's Corner

Stinky Sheldon saves the day

Nancy lives in Burlington, Ontario with her dog, Finnegan, and her cat, Lily. She has three adult children and three grandchildren. She taught elementary school in Oakville, Ontario for over 30 years. Her love of reading, especially reading to children, is her inspiration for writing 
children’s books. She is the author of her latest book Stinky Sheldon saves the day.
Nancy’s book began as a speech she delivered years ago.  She kept the speech and when the opportunity presented itself, she used it as the basis for her book.

Nancy Parkhill DTM

Leading with Ease

Lisa Wilson, a former Human Resources Leader with large organizations such as Magna International, is now bringing the same opportunity to small to medium-sized companies.  Lisa is the co-author of two best-selling books. Her first solo book, Leading with Ease, is an Amazon best-seller based on her long running program of the same name. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, is a Certified Human Resources Leader and holds a certificate in Advanced Dispute Resolution. She is also a Distinguished Toastmaster. Lisa takes opportunities to lead in the workplace and through her volunteer activities. Lisa supports leaders so they can take their teams to amazing heights: find out how.

Lisa Wilson DTM

1) Secrets and Silence 2) Secrets and Sorrow 3) When Can We Get A Puppy 4) Krypto Goes to Puppy School

Belynda Thomas started a blog in July 2018 and published a post every day for five hundred posts then cut down to two posts per week.

She has self-published two novels, “Secrets and Silence,”” Secrets and Sorrow,” and is the author/illustrator of two self-published children’s books “When Can We Get A Puppy” and “Krypto Goes To Puppy School.” In 2021 she gave a talk to The Mississauga Arts Council on Self-publishing, in 2022 she presented her book “When Can We Get A Puppy” at Story time with the Art Gallery of Mississauga. She can give a talk on self-publishing, the writers journey, or starting a blog.

Belynda Thomas DTM

1) Life is Sales 2) Life is Management

Gary Ford is the author of Life is Sales and Life is Management. His books highlight how the psychology of influence and persuasion can help you get more of out life and get more of what you want. Join Gary to explore how you can increase your influential power, how to make audiences more attentive, get others to be more responsive and encourage our volunteers to be more active. 

Gary Ford DTM