Spring Conference 2023 Workshops

Friday Workshops 7:10-7:55pm

To vote or not to vote

Workshop Category: Club Excellence

An overview of Roberts Rules of Order.

  • why we need them
  • how to apply them
  • and how they can move us forward with integrity, respect and excellence.


Robert’s Rules are intended to ensure that any meeting can be conducted in an efficient manner while ensure that the democratic principles are upheld, and people can be heard and respected

Bill Kirby DTM

Bill Kirby is a toastmaster of 19 years and is Parliamentarian for Districts 65 and 86.

Works as a business development manager contributing to the performance and success of over 40 colleagues on his sales team.  Bill also spends his time and insights in the worlds of fitness and politics.

Most importantly, he gets to bathe in the sunshine of his family and closest friends, giving him the desire to grow and be more everyday.

Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Workshop Category: Leadership Excellence

We all wear many hats and where these identities intersect, there is a rich opportunity to explore diversity and encourage inclusion. The question still remains, however, where do I fit in the conversation? Join us for a unique experience discussing buzzwords surrounding the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement and find out how you can better celebrate and grow with all people in the workplace.

Kanika Johnson

Kanika began her journey at Toastmasters 5 years ago when she join BASF Canada to work as an Administrative Assistant. She was always an avid public speaker and was looking for a platform to do something she enjoys. She had no idea the opportunity would open so many doors and has improved not only her presentation skills but her ability to facilitate meetings, network in and out of the organization, and navigate the cultural deep waters of her personal and professional life.

The Secret To Creating Thriving Clubs!!!

Workshop Category: Club Excellence

While the global pandemic crises are still being felt, many clubs are having a difficult time growing, sustaining and thriving. What is the key to attracting guests, converting them into members and retaining them? What are the three main key ingredients that ensure success no matter what? Toastmaster clubs fail because they forget why they were created by the founders and sponsors. Club officers tend to think that a club can be all things to all people. They underestimate the value of a club’s unique selling proposition. But more than the unique selling proposition, it is a key ingredient, the secret sauce, that keeps a club thriving. What is that Secret Sauce? Attend to find out.

Brahm Memone DTM

Brahm Memone has attained his DTM designation twice.

He was the Club Growth Director in District 86 for 2021/22 and was awarded the Club Coach of the Year for 2020.

During his presidency at Mi Speak the club was recognized as District 86’s Club of the Year for 2021-22.

Brahm is the club founder and President of Leadership Speak, an advanced club for Self Directed Leaders that chartered within a week of launch using principles of Leadership and Technology.

He is a Master Coach in the Personal Mastery and Leadership space and consultant to large organizations!

Networking For Success

Workshop Category: Professional Development

Are you ready to network?

How do you react when a stranger starts to talk to you?

Can you approach a stranger?

Whether it is a friend’s picnic or a work meeting or a community event, you will be in a networking situation.  This workshop will give you some background and practice on how to network.  Learn how communication levels affect the success of your networking.  A few key strategies will leave you looking forward to your next event.

Cheryl Rankin

Cheryl Rankin is the current Division C Director of D86. Last year as Area Director C44 – the Area achieved the Distinguished Level. That same year she was President of her home club which achieved President’s Distinguished.

Cheryl has

  • delivered numerous presentations and workshops at the local small business level.
  • presented at national and international conferences on marketing, small business and fitness topics.
  • awarded two RFP’s from the City of Toronto to present workshops to small business owners.


Currently she continues to work fulltime in consulting. Her career has included

  • working for a professional football team, fitness centres, her own business and as a consultant for Metrolinx.
  • Projects include one at the global level to improve an internal software, developing a management improvement 6 session program and another in Canadian transit.


She has always been involved in her community – currently she is president of her tennis club and leader in a small business networking organization.  

Sunday Workshops 1:05-1:50pm

Turning Around A Club: Lessons Learned

Workshop Category: Leadership Excellence

This workshop will focus on my experience in turning around a Club that almost dissolved on September 30, 2022, to a Club in good standing in less than 2 months.



Sharon D'Souza DTM

Sharon D’Souza has been a Toastmaster for 15 years.  She has held various Club Officer positions, been an Area Governor, an Area Director and a Division Director as well as various volunteer positions in the District.  She has also organized Youth Leadership programs and mentored three new Clubs.

The Hidden Art of Communicating with Others

Workshop Category: Professional Development

Have you been in a situation where you feel that someone is not hearing you?  Your personality styles may be radically different and no matter what you say to another they will never truly digest the message.  This workshop will provide an overview of the DISC assessment tool and break down the personality types to help you understand how to respond to conflict, manage stressful situations, solve problems, and communicate with others.

Gillian Sheldon DTM

Since joining Toastmasters in 2017, Gillian has leaned into both the communication and leadership learnings which has led to  exponential growth in her confidence, leadership and speaking abilities.

Alongside achieving her DTM in both the legacy program and Pathways, Gillian has served on the Executive Committee of 2 clubs (in President, VP Education and VP Membership roles), as well as supporting the District as an Area Director and Division Director (current).

Outside of Toastmasters, Gillian works for a national not-for-profit organization that delivers funding to the manufacturing sector.  Her role is to align strategic partnerships to assist in these efforts – both requiring strong leadership and communication skills.  When she’s not doing this, she is master slave to her 5 year old rescue dog – Becca.

Bounce Back Big!

Workshop Category: Personal Development

Have you ever felt like you are about to snap, going to hit the wall or losing the ground under your feet?

The greatest freedom of human life is the freedom of choice.  In the face of life’s challenges, we can either break or bounce back.

As communicators and leaders our goal is:

  • To empower ourselves with authentic confidence.
  • Bounce Back with the power of hope and possibilities.
  • To inspire and transform the lives of people around us.


Master the tools of how to turn obstacles into opportunities and Bounce Back Big by using the incredible Five step strategy.

You deserve to live up to your potential.

Shukla Datta

Shukla Datta is a coach, trainer, and motivational speaker with over 20 years experience in teaching, training, and conducting workshops.

She has obtained her Master’s Degree from Sheffield University, U.K and taught Economics, Business Studies, and life skills. She is the author of three books. Her latest motivational book Live Life Like Never Before has received enormous positive feedback from the readers.

She has visited many clubs, took on roles, and inspired many Toastmasters from China to Canada, Australia to Austria and countries in between. She is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

She presents workshops and speaks at different organizations and groups and is popular for her interactive and humorous style of presentation.

Online Excellence

Workshop Category: Club Excellence

Membership retention is low.

Three years ago, our life changed unexpectedly.
All of a sudden we looked at our internet connected computers, laptops, tablets as our only source of communication.
We learned how to use ZOOM, SKYPE, TEAM, and other platforms.
We are learning that the NEW NORMAL includes online meetings and in the new normal, organized surrounding, quality sound and well-lit faces are expected.

For years we were just surviving on zoom now it is time to enhance the quality of these meetings.

Only well-organized online clubs can grow membership.

Marianna Burka

Marianna Burka joined Toastmasters in October 2018 to improve her public speaking abilities.

Since then she has completed three paths and is working on her first DTM designation.

She has served in many executive roles at the club level and has been Area Director twice.

When Toastmasters International moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she joined three more clubs and is a big advocate of online presentations.