Five Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement

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It’s never a bad time to review these five social posting tips and set yourself up for success.

1) Make it Easy for Fans to Reach You

Want people to attend your next meeting? Great! How will they do that? Are you asking them to go to your website where they have to fill out a “Contact Us” form, and wait for a response? Or have you made it easier for them to reach a member directly?

The more friction there is between the person’s thought of: “I want to visit this club” and their ability to contact you, the less likely they’ll want to visit. Make it easy. Don’t push away potential guests.

2) Respond When Fans @Mention You

You or your PR team might not be able to reply to everyone all of the time, but try to spend at last 30 min a week responding to comments. Having conversations n social is the best way to build engagement- your club’s fandom currency.

3) Consider Video

Video gets more engagement as they’re an easy way for your audience to get information. Smart phones have made it easy to shoot and upload video quickly. Keep videos short, to the point, and use them to provide quick how-to’s or tips for non toastmasters, or tell your fans about an upcoming event.

4) Share With Comments

Its easy to fill your feed by sharing other Toastmaster’s posts, or if on Twitter, retweeting other people’s tweets, but to really grow your audience engagement, repost or retweet with a personalized comment.

When you add a comment to a re-share or retweet you are providing extra value to your message.

5) Comment responsibly

This last point refers to your own comments on any group member page. Its easy to forget that in public relations, your name is attached to your club, and your own comments could reflect onto your club’s social currency. Even if you are in a closed group platform, nothing on social is truly private. Think about what you are saying and who you are touching with your words. Will your statement help, hinder, or is it just a rant? Remember, in Toastmasters, we evaluate to help people grow. Criticism (even constructive) is destructive.

What are your five social media tips? We are curious to learn how you are setting your club’s social for success. Email your tips to

Created by Nancy Movrin DTM Public Relations Manager 2021 – 2022