How to Run a Speechcraft Program

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District Speechcraft Co-Chairs, Eva Britton, DTMx2, Dawn Claus DTM and Karen Pantaleo DTM hosted a 1-hour virtual presentation and Q&A on Mon Jan 25, 2021. They decided to host a presentation in response to the many similar queries from Toastmasters asking how to host the program. The presentation was recorded and is available on the District 86 website, and handouts are being distributed to all attendees.

The presentation was focused on the paper-based legacy Speechcraft Program, but shortly before the presentation date, the team learned that the digital Speechcraft program was ready to be released. Able to obtain access to the digital program only 1 day before the presentation, the team worked quickly to incorporate the information gleaned from the online version! They have been advised that the legacy (paper) Speechcraft program will be available for credit until June 30, 2021. Download materials for the Online Speechcraft sessions HERE.

Regardless of the version used, Speechcraft is a program proven to increase membership, and engage and energize existing members.

The stages of Speechcraft can be broken down into 3 steps: Plan, Promote and Present.

If your club is interested in membership growth, consider hosting a Speechcraft program. Contact  co-chairs Eva Britton & Dawn Claus (Public Clubs) or Karen Pantaleo (Corporate Clubs) to help answer your questions. Speechcraft