Make your presence more accessible!

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In Toastmasters, Pathways has numerous paths, projects, and resources to help you develop your communication skills. Here are a few ways to make your presentation and meeting more inclusive!

At some point you may deliver a presentation using productivity tools and software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides, LibreOffice Impress, etc.  This is your opportunity to make your meeting and presentation more accessible.

Reviewing your presentation using in-built accessibility check features and making changes is one way to begin ensuring your presentation is more accessible to all members of the audience. 

To support you, here are some examples of productivity software and accessibility information:

Screen Reader is a software that reads the presented information when activated.  Some screen readers can convert text to braille if the user owns a braille display device.
Perhaps your presentation does not include a slide deck.  Consider enabling Closed Caption, on the chosen software, for your virtual/online meetings. All tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx have this feature.

I urge you to broaden your audience by making your presentation and meeting more accessible for all members!

Created by Deridor Collier DTM, Program Quality Director 2021 – 2022