Membership Building, Retention and Renewals

It’s time to focus on membership building activities.

The Club Growth Team continues to interview successful clubs so that we can all learn from how these clubs succeeded and what we can implement in our own clubs.

We caught up with Distinguished Toastmaster Sharon D’Souza and Toastmaster Cheryl Rankin from Meadowvale Toastmasters Club. In June 2020 the club had 46 members, but due to the pandemic, at October 1st they were left with only 26 members, which for this club was a huge drop. However they recovered to an amazing 37 members by June 2021!!!

Here is what we learnt:

  • In any crises, such as the the pandemic, there is tremendous uncertainty.
  • Create a vision in uncertain times. Get the membership involved. Make sure that the Executive Committee and the members are all on the same page.
  • Create projects and fun that involve the members. Be tenacious and persist on the larger goal to get over the disappointments, frustrations and discouragement. Encourage members, empower them and get them engaged.
  • Projects such as a speechathon got the members of Meadowvale galvanized and excited.
  • They Involved the members in a speechcraft to help guests learn. They also involved members in the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) bringing much excitement back into their meetings
  • Celebrate your club milestones and the club charter anniversary. Invite all past members and guests.
  • Have a strong social media presence and promote the wins of the club.

In the end how did Sharon and Cheryl grow as leaders in the crises? You’ll just have to watch the interview. It is filled with so many gems of how it can help your club succeed. Watch. Take notes. Implement strategies that will work for your club!!



The Club Growth Team is putting together a District Wide Open House for all clubs.

We would like each club to submit a member to assume a role in the Open House, including the auxiliary roles, the major roles, speakers and evaluators.

The date for the Open House will be November 19th 2021.

Please email the Club Growth Director Brahm Memone to nominate a member of your club to assume a role.


Created by Brahm Memone DTM, Club Growth Director 2021 – 2022