Tips to Launch and Maintain Successful Corporate Clubs

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“Within the club, bosses are members like everyone else, and people who aren’t leaders within the company can be leaders at Toastmasters.”

Forming a corporate Toastmasters club is an effective and inexpensive way to develop, enhance and retain employees.

Toastmasters’ corporate clubs provide an in-house opportunity for employees to develop their leadership and communication skills. Corporate clubs provide their members with the confidence and communication skills they need to flourish in their jobs; as members can deliver stronger presentations at work, lead more productive staff meetings and relate better with clients and colleagues.

As part of the Club Growth Director team , Club Extension Chair TM Stephanie Lam conducted an interactive session with Club Retention Chair DTM Jayapriya Muthukumar and YLP/Gavel club Chair DTM Amparo Cifuntes about nuances in launching and executing corporate club meetings successfully. They both shared their knowledge, experiences and learnings being part of a corporate club Member & Mentor.

In the normal confines of a daily schedule, it can be difficult to find opportunities to venture into the unknown. If members can step aside from their established job roles and responsibilities, they can find a perfect place to prepare and present speeches and presentations, as well as think on their feet in front of an audience.

They discussed, how Toastmasters fit in the corporate setting and the ways the program can help the employees at the workplace. Corporate clubs are just like community clubs when they’re starting. There’s lots of enthusiasm and willingness to learn, how to sustain the energy level through various engagement activities i.e., effective ways to market Toastmasters so that Top management understands the need to have a corporate club in their organization, tips to conduct Quality corporate club meetings for Retaining the club growth in the long run and overcoming the challenges in executing weekly meeting along with regular work. The conversation also covered the ideas on how the various roles and leadership positions can help corporate employees to build their careers.

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Created by Brahm Memone DTM, Club Growth Director 2021 – 2022