VPM Strategies – Convert Guest to member

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As the VP Membership of the club, your one main goal is to follow up with the guests and coax them into becoming club members. It is as important for the club to get new members as it is to retain existing members. Constant addition of new members ensures the club’s survival in the long run and brings about new learning for the current members.

Guest Packets

An impressive way to make a huge impact on visitors involves providing guests with a guest packet. Include the following in your guest packets and convert guests into members quickly:

• Testimonials from club members from those that have just started to those who are advanced.
• Brochures from Toastmasters International.
• Calendar dates which display future meetings at a glance including special events and topics.
• Success stories from members of the club.

Guest Book

Have visitors sign-in Online guest form to capture names, phone numbers and email addresses. Add a column that asks why they are inquiring about the Toastmasters program.


Develop a team of club members who greet and welcome guest warmly. Relying on just one person (e.g. VPM, VPPR) to greet can be enhanced greatly by several friendly smiling faces that can offer information, another perspective and answer questions.

Guest Feedback

Ask the guest to provide their feedback at the end of the meeting about what they thought about the meeting. This will give you a good indication whether they are a potential member. Sometimes they’ll convince themselves to join right in the middle of their comments! Just make sure to tell the guest at the beginning of the meeting that these comments will be requested at the end so the guest is not caught off-guard.


Promote District 86 CGD incentives at your club meeting and encourage members to sponsor new members.

Resources : https://toastmasters86.org/club-growth-directory-resources/

Created by Jayapriya Muthukumar  DTM Club Growth Director 2022 – 2023