Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Clubs

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With over 33 million Canadians connected to the internet (source: Internet usage in Canada – statistics & facts; Statista), there has never been a better time for you to include blogging in your club’s promotions strategy.

Blogging can give your club more visibility online.

Not only does blogging drive traffic to your website, but it can also help you build brand trust with potential guests.

To find out how, lets take a step back. Other than your club agenda (which is often found in a members only section of a club website), when was the last time you updated your club’s website pages with fresh content?

Don’t remember?

Sometimes the website as an entity is the last thing a club considers when updating or refreshing content across social media channels.

Blogging is an easy way to update content on your website!

When you write and publish a blog post, it becomes one more indexed page on your website, which means one more opportunity for your club to show up on the search engine results page and drive traffic to your website in organic searches.

Blogging on your website prompts Google and other search engines that your website is active, thus optimizing your site for search engines.

Wait – there’s more!

One you have published your blog, repurpose the content for social media.

  • With each new blog article, you’re creating information to share on you club’s social media platforms. This can open up your club to new audiences.
  • With each new post, include a link to your website when the reader can read the rest of your blog. By driving new website visitors to your blog via your social channels, you are increasing your website activity, and further optimizing your site for search engines.

The best blogs answer common questions for their readers.

  • If you consistently create valuable content for your target audience, it’ll establish your club as the go-to for communication and leadership information.
  • If people find information that they can use to better themselves from your blog posts, they are more likely to come to a meeting to learn more. They trust you as the authority. They trust you because they picked up valuable information and applied it, without needing to pay for it.
  • If a guest comes to your meeting because they have read your blog article, and gained speaking tips through your social media channels, they will already have some knowledge about what Toastmasters is all about. This can help you jump-start your sales conversation with them, more so then if a guest shows up with no knowledge and could possibly become overwhelmed with the newness of it all.

Not only do blog posts help keep your website fresh, but educational and entertaining blog articles position you and your club as a helpful resource your target audience, thus helping to build trust.

Repurposing blog content across social media channels to help to drive traffic to your website.

Blogging is an easy way to update content on your website! Happy blogging!

Created by Nancy Movrin DTM Public Relations Manager 2021 – 2022